We are excited to offer you our tour to the Seven Churches of Revelation and Istanbul, Turkey. You'll be amazed at the array of cultures Turkey has to offer, as it sits at the very crossroads of civilization - especially Istanbul, where East meets West, the Christian Byzantine Empire meets the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and ancient ruins meet the bustling modern bazaars.

The sites along the Aegean Coast will take us back to the missionary days of the Apostle Paul and to the Seven Churches addressed by John in the Bible’s most fascinating book, Revelation. Along the way, we’ll explore the Scriptures in their first century context with an eye toward today’s application.

This trip promises to be an adventure, offering history, culture, and a wealth of Biblical background and spiritual inspiration! 



The Rev. Dr. David Sparks and Greek native Elizabeth Iliadou-Sparks will lead your journey to the crossroads of Europe and Asia, a country where ancient ruins meet bustling modern bazaars.  You'll explore the historic city of Istanbul and visit the sites of the seven churches that St. John wrote about in the book of Revelation.  Traveling along the Aegean Coast, understand John’s letters in their historic context and gain insights into some of the ways Revelation can challenge and encourage the church today while visiting locations where much of the Apostle Paul’s ministry took place.  

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