See what our travelers are saying about their experiences with us. 

This trip to Italy was a dream come true, truly one of the highlights of my life!! Being able to learn about the letter of Paul to the Romans where it was actually written was amazing!! Also the fellowship we experienced within our group and with David and Elizabeth was heartwarming and truly special!! We became a family in Christ during our time together, and I’ll always feel a warm connection with each of them. I was so honored to be able to travel and study with David and Elizabeth, and I look forward to seeing them again!
— Jackie Hogen, Italy 2014
I went on the most recent Italy trip with the Wheaton group. It was fantastic, exceeded all of our expectations and more. Tom and I will definitely go to another trip with you in the near future.
— Yi Wright, Wheaton Italy 2013
I’ve traveled across the world a number of times the past 15 years... but my recent trip to Italy with David and Elizabeth was the most meaningful because it was Bible based. David was the consummate guide, providing scriptural narrative that has been absent in all the other tours I’ve taken. I really appreciated how David and Elizabeth were such an integral part of our group, never straying from us nor leaving us.... with us through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their insights were invaluable. Their kindness was heartfelt.
— Marty Kelley, Colorado Springs Italy 2014
I am studying once again your devotionals and am so blessed by being able to relive not only the treasured memories you largely helped to create, but to once again renew my faith in God’s word thru Paul’s journey.
As I nostalgically view your recent posts with the students of Taylor University, I can’t help but think what a tremendous impact you have on the young and old alike who are fortunate to travel with you. You are both sowing into the lives of so many in ways you can’t even begin to comprehend. You pour out 200%+ into each tour! How blessed are we!!! I am joining you again for sure....
— Wanda Takita, Wheaton Italy 2013, Greece 2014
David and Elizabeth offer a unique perspective for those who wish to follow the Apostle Paul’s footsteps. David’s biblical understanding coupled with Elizabeth’s Greek heritage combined to make our journey a wonderful adventure. Elizabeth’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail unearthed special treats and wondrous stops along the way. Each day and every meal exposed us to the beauty and wonder of Greece. David’s devotional thoughts, combined with teachings and group singing kept us engaged and learning. Elizabeth’s joy spread like a good virus, infecting us with her love for Greek culture, food, and especially Greek people. We’re proud to claim Elizabeth as one of Gordon College’s alumni.
— Jan Carlberg, Speaker, Author of The Welcome Song and Other Stories from a Place Called Home and The Hungry Heart, and Wife of Gordon College President Dr. R. Judson Carlberg
We have traveled on many cruises and tours, and without a doubt, the trip we made to Greece was the best trip we have made. David led us along the path of St. Paul in such a way we almost had the feeling of being back in time. Each day he went through a “lesson plan” so we knew what we were seeing and how it related to the Bible. He is so knowledgeable, and we were all so eager to learn.
— Ken and Joyce Wade, Garland, TX
It’s so much fun to tell about your unique introduction to Greece and to see the eyes of our friends widen as we explain the reasons for our complete tour experience. No one has had a tour quite like ours! We appreciated every detail that you most thoughtfully smoothed out. Our perspectives of Paul and Greece widened and our hearts have been encouraged. Thank you for the biblical and cultural history, for the feelings of the culture, for all the help in every way needed, for the beautiful meals in choice locations, and for this most treasured time.
— Christina Harrell, Granada Hills, CA
I so enjoyed seeing the places where Old and New Testament Biblical figures came to life in the land where their historical stories occurred. My daily Bible reading will never be the same!
— Janet Rauch, Israel 2014