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We don't just organize tours.

We lead pilgrimages following the footsteps of Paul, experiencing the settings of the first century church. We don't rush you through the sites and pass you off to tour guides. We spend time at each location, reading the Word and allowing you time for reflection. We don't put you on the tourist treadmill. We offer personal attention and see our tours as an opportunity to minister in your life.

In other words, we're different. We are not a "travel company",

We're a ministry!

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A Native Greek


A Doctor of Theology

Elizabeth Iliadou Sparks delights in showing you Greece as only a native can. She was born and raised in the biblical town of Berea.  She wants to share with you her love of the Greek people and the ways of life that have sustained them for 3,000 years.  If you ask, she'll even teach you the secrets of the scrumptious Greek recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Her close relationships throughout the country give you the opportunity to commune with the people and experience Greece as the Greeks do.  With ancestral ties to Asia Minor, she has a love and feel for all Mediterranean cultures.

As a minister and theological doctor, David leads you not just on an educational tour, but on a spiritual journey.  We're always careful to pause and take in God's creation along the journey.  We incorporate times for communion and worship.  

I don’t have the words to tell you what a blessing you & Elizabeth and the Israel trip were to us. It so refreshed our hearts and minds and we so appreciated the gentle ministering and grace of you both. What a team! We can’t thank you enough again for the wonderful strengthening blessing of your ministry and the joy of the pilgrimage in Israel together
— Carla and David Genelly, Israel 2013


We are honored to have worked with several universities and churches for over 30 years.  It's building these relationships that makes our job a blessing! 

Thank you for all you did to create two ‘perfect’ trips for our Wheaton College friends. Everything surpassed my expectations. Elizabeth’s knowledge and love for her native land made her hostessing an unforgetable gift to all of us. David’s many gifts of knowledge, Scripture, teaching, and leading brought the whole experience into a daily cohesiveness. We all came back to the US bringing with us a new understanding of Christ’s Church, and a renewed commitment to serve that church.
— Marilee Melvin, Vice President for Alumni Relations, Wheaton College
It was a very special time and I have received many thanks from those who attended. I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for the time, effort and care you put into our journey. I am confident that the experience of others was greatly enhanced by your attention to detail and your warm ways of being with the group. I know also that the blend of history and Biblical significance will have a lasting impact on our travelers.
— Teri Bradford Rouse, Senior Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, Westmont College
An inspiring trip that packs so much historical, Biblical, cultural, social and spiritual richness into two weeks that your suitcases will be unpacked long before you completely unpack the wonders you have experienced. The Paul-theme focus, superior leadership, an insider’s love of her home, and great fellow travelers set this tour apart.
— Gail Eubanks Hackett, Greece 2014



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