Following the Footsteps of Jesus Christ

11 Day Tour of Israel





Olympic Peninsula Women's Fellowship

June 16 - 26, 2019

$3,450 Land Only

$1,675 from SEA

Dear Women and Friends of Olympic Peninsula Women’s Fellowship,

We are so excited offer you the opportunity to take an unforgettable All-Girls Trip to Israel, June 16-26, 2019.  In light of the OPWF mission to unify and encourage women across the Olympic Peninsula, what could be a more meaningful experience than tracing the footsteps of Jesus on a spiritual pilgrimage through the Holy Land?  We will sail across the Sea of Galilee, listen to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount where it was delivered, kneel in the Garden of Gethsemane where He prayed, and celebrate communion at His empty tomb.

Our tour will be managed and led by the Rev. Dr. David and Elizabeth Sparks of Footstep Ministries. Dr. Sparks has conducted more than 100 tours to Greece, Italy, Israel and Turkey.  He will weave together a wonderful narrative for us as he uniquely ties together the Old Testament’s anticipation of Jesus with the fulfillment revealed through Jesus’ mission and ministry. Elizabeth Iliadou Sparks, a native of Berea, Greece, is an expert in Mediterranean cultures and will serve as our contact as we explore the markets in the Old City.  Together they minister to each traveler on a personal level. I have found the trips I have taken with them to Greece and Italy spiritually and personally enriching, and I am certain their leadership will provide us a deeply moving and inspirational time in the Holy Land. 

Consider joining us for this unique adventure that will strengthen your faith and enrich your understanding of the Gospels in a fresh and meaningful way.


Cindra Stackhouse Taetzsch

Nancy Vance