We've hand-picked every hotel based on its quality, safety and cleanliness.  We have long standing relationships with the owners of these establishments and guarantee a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere during your stay. Students share rooms with 2-3 other travelers (same gender) from their group.  Adults are accommodated in double occupancy rooms, with the option to upgrade to single room accommodations. 

Single Rooms
Single travelers that request a single room will pay an additional single room supplement.  Single travelers should know that European hotels generally reserve their smallest, most simple rooms for single travelers.  Single travelers may request a roommate in order to room in a double room, although it is not guaranteed that a roommate will be available.

Breakfast is at the hotels and typically includes cereal, rolls, jam, juice, coffee and tea.  Lunches and dinners are planned group meals at local restaurants. We take pride in providing you a great variety of the local cuisine.  

Best Motor-Coaches
e have an excellent motor-coach service that provides us with clean, air-conditioned motor-coaches with outstanding drivers who know the ins and outs of the cities as well as the countryside.

Travel Materials
Upon registration, all travelers receive a Traveler Packet full of helpful information from packing suggestions to travel insurance.  We also write custom coursepacks that follow our daily itinerary and contain educational insights with places to take notes along your journey. And of course, travelers can call our office at any time with any question. Again, personal attention is our hallmark.

Best Value
With our dedication to personal attention and on-going ministry, you will not find a better priced tour.  We deliver quality tours that are geared to making the Scriptures come alive. No other tour combines the historical, biblical, and relational aspects of travel as well as we do.

Best Value for Your Travel Dollars
Footstep Ministries' prices are clear and upfront. Make certain when you compare our prices to other tours, that you carefully read what is and is not included. Then you will see the difference.

We Do The Work
You enjoy the travel. Your travel arrangements are handled professionally through our office. We will provide you travel handouts, devotional resources, suggested reading bibliography, “what-to-bring” lists, and helpful recommendations to make your tour a great experience.

Personal Attention
We respond to your calls and emails with promptness. Our stateside availability makes it easy for you or your loved one to get in touch with us right away. While on the tour, we will stay at the hotels with you and be available for emergency assistance at any time. 

Financial Security
Since 1982 Footstep Ministries has an outstanding track record of financial stability. Through the many difficult days for the travel industry as a whole, Footstep Ministries continues its operations because of its sound financial planning and streamlined operations.


We offer secure, reliable travel insurance to all of our travelers through MH Ross Travel Insurance.  While not necessary, we highly recommend that all of our travelers buy insurance.  To receive a quote or to buy insurance online, please click here.


We will send you a packing list customized for your particular trip.  But this general list is a helpful start!


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