Romans and the Renaissance

12 Day Tour of Italy

Friends of the Scruggs and Ellis families


September 15 - 26, 2019




 Tom & faye at the COLOSSEUM in rome  

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us in traveling to Italy in celebration of Faye’s retirement!   We will be touring the magnificent Tuscan countryside with its rolling hills and spectacular art and architecture.  We’ll visit lovely Assisi in the region of Umbria, and finally we’ll stroll through the streets of Rome to visit the ancient sites of the Roman Empire.

Leading our tour will be Dr. David and Elizabeth Sparks.  David and Elizabeth have led Taylor University’s travel courses to Greece and Italy for over 20 years.  We’ve been privileged to travel with them on two occasions.  They are an amazing couple we have come to love.  David’s wise and loving leadership and Elizabeth’s warmth and attention to details makes traveling with them a delight.   You can be assured every facet of our tour will be superb.

IMG_9629 (1) (2).jpg

On this trip (with no students along!) we will explore two facets of Italy’s monumental history:  The Renaissance and Paul’s letter to the Romans.  David’s daily lessons will focus on Romans using Medieval and Renaissance art as his visual aids. 

Of course we will also enjoy modern Italy with its cuisine and natural beauty.  Staying six nights in the hill town of San Gimignano, we’ll use it as our base to visit Florence, Siena, and Pisa, and then one night in Umbria before our final days in Rome.  All along the way we will enjoy warm fellowship as we share together in this journey.

Since God joined us in marriage in 2011, we have delighted in coming to know and love each other’s circle of friends.  We feel this trip will be the greatest joy we could imagine as we bring our circles together in a special place with our new and very special friends, David and Elizabeth.

We’re excited about sharing this wonderful adventure with you!  Please join us in the celebratory tour. 


The Scruggs and Ellis families