Following the Footsteps of Jesus Christ

11 Day Tour of the Holy Land




Divine Divas Holy Land Tour

July 6-15, 2018

$3,195 per person + Airfare


Dearest Divine Divas Sistas,

We’re going to ISRAEL!  Pack your bags and get ready to tread upon the very ground that Jesus walked!!!  DD's #DDIsrael2018 will be a journey that is sure to be memorable. We have never been to Israel together, and what better way to celebrate our 20TH ANNIVERSARY of retreating, loving, sharing, praising, and worshipping all together in the HOLY LANDS!!!  I can hardly wait!  Let us discover this inspiring and biblically rich land together. Imagine traveling the coastal road to Caesarea, sailing across the Sea of Galilee, hearing the beatitudes anew from the place Jesus spoke the words, visiting the town of our Lord’s birth and remembering your baptismal vows while visiting (and being baptized) in the banks of the Jordan River. 

As we travel, we will explore many of the places mentioned in the Old Testament and the Gospels, and we will come to appreciate the modern nation of Israel, its rich cultural heritage and its unique blend of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Our tour will be managed by Footstep Ministries, led by the Rev. Dr. David Sparks. David has conducted more than 100 tours to Israel, Italy, Greece and Turkey. He will share with you informative and inspirational messages all along the way. You will thoroughly enjoy his expertise, warmth, good humor and attention to detail all along the way. 

Our trips are designed to be educational, inspirational and filled with great fellowship. This is our DD's trip of a lifetime and we get to journey, explore, and love on each other as we are AMAZED at our individual and collective experiences!  It is a MUST FOR YOU ALL TO DO YOUR LEVEL BEST IN TRAVELING TO THE HOLY LAND JULY 2018 FOR OUR DIVINE DIVAS ISRAEL TRIP OF A LIFETIME!!! The website provided will explain everything that you need to know regarding your down payment, payment installments, airfare and our itinerary!  

Dr. David Sparks has created our personal website, just for our trip and he is also available for any and all questions.  Donna so graciously contacted David and gathered all information needed for us to give to you sooooooooo, one HUGE THANK YOU DONNA FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE ON OUR BEHALF!!!  WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A FANTASTIC AND LIFE CHANGING TIME!!!